Every year, my husband and I panic and buy a bunch of candy for trick-or-treaters. Guess how many trick-or-treaters we had this year. ZERO. Guess how many we've had in the past five years we've lived at our house. Right, ZERO. And my daughter always dresses cute and our friends and family fill her bucket with tons of different types of sweets. So, what to do with ALL of this candy?

There's usually way too much for her, and myself, and my husband to eat, though I'm sure they'd be happy to try. But, we try to really watch how much sugar everyone in our family consumes, so we end up throwing out a lot of the candy when it becomes too old to eat.

I hate wasting and when my sister-in-law suggested this to me, I thought it was a GREAT way to use up Halloween candy!

She suggested using the excess Halloween candy for gingerbread houses! How smart! And, you can always consider donating a LOT of excess candy plus the additional items needed to make gingerbread houses to a local charity like Chemo Buddies, homeless shelters, or church youth groups.

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