A Kentucky Man taking the Watermelon Challenge to imitate his pregnant wife is everything you need to see to make your day.  It's hilarious-WATCH!


TikTok challenges have been on the rise since the beginning of the pandemic.  Now, I know they were around before then however when kids got bored and had nothing else to do and couldn't see their friends they had to get creative.

Angel here, Chad, and I even got in on the fun when we started our Wacky Wednesday segments where we did challenges and science experiments to interact with kids while they were at home.  The first one we ever did was a complete and utter disaster, and we decided we'd make it a weekly thing.

It has obviously blossomed from there into something we would have never imagined but it's created a great way for our listeners to be part of our show and our lives and we love it.   Here are a few of our favorites;

The best ones are where we or maybe just me screw up and it definitely isn't planned.

It has done the same for the Mauzy family since they tried the watermelon challenge LOL!

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Weldon and Megan Mauzy actually met on a blind date.  They hit it off but Weldon had a job that kept him away for 28 days at a time.  The couple made it work with a million other variables at play and decided to tie the knot.  Here's how Megan says it's going;

Since then Weldon has a job locally and now within our first year of marriage we have blended our families and children and are adding a new addition. I have been on bedrest recently and had way to much time to watch all things social media and thought it would be so fun to do this watermelon challenge. Weldon was making a trip to the grocery so I suggested he get a watermelon and some plastic wrap and we could do this fun video!!! He came back with the watermelon and we got to make the funnest memories we will to show our son and other children!

Megan is so right!  This video is classic and we had to share it with you all.  We are still laughing and grateful for the entertainment it brings.


Since the video contains copyrighted music, we can't embed it in this post but you can click here to watch it. 

The actual content creator for TikTok, Maitland Hanley, was the one to create this challenge.  He recently became a dad and wanted to try it out for himself.  He failed miserably.


Chad and I did the Watermelon Challenge but it was a bit different but we still felt like we were in labor LOL!


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