There are so many ways to hurt yourself, it's a wonder we all don't walk around surrounded by bubble wrap. Sometimes these injuries are self-inflicted (these are usually prefaced with someone saying, "Hey, watch this!"), others are just a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. According to research from the health care provider network, Amino Health, if you live here in Indiana, there's one way more than any other you might find yourself visiting the emergency room.

Basing their information on medical claims they've received over the four-year span between 2012 and 2016, Amino discovered more Hoosiers get injured by being "struck by an object."

I feel like "struck by an object" is a little vague. How are they being struck? Are bricks or tools being dropped at construction sites? Are more people throwing things at each other? Is there a rash of incidents where people are smacking each other in the face with shovels? How am I supposed to keep myself from becoming another statistic on the Amino Health tote board if I don't know how to protect myself?!?!

I guess it could be worse. We could live in the mountain region (Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, etc.) where "Suffocation" is apparently a serious issue. Although I don't know that I'd classify "Suffocation" as an injury as much as I would "a way to die." Have you ever heard of someone being OK after suffocating? This is not a conversation you typically hear when suffocation is involved:

"What happened to Jim?"

"Oh, he suffocated, but he's fine now."

Or how about South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Minnesota where "Spine Dislocation" is apparently a major issue. Good gracious! What in the world are they doing to stay warm in the northern part of the country? Jumping Jack marathons?

Check out the complete rundown on the Amino Health website, and protect yourself from those random flying objects, fellow Hoosiers. Let's stay safe out there.

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