Like countless successful girl groups before them, Fifth Harmony's meteoric rise has been (only slightly) corroded with rampant rumors of a potential (or in some assertions, inevitable) breakup. Speculation increased exponentially in 2015 after group member Camila Cabello linked up with Shawn Mendes for a solo collaboration single called "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

Fortunately for the five ladies of Fifth Harmony, who formed in 2012, the dissolution of their band is hardly a thought on their minds (at least for the foreseeable future). The girls maintain that not only are they closer than ever, but that their success as a unit is their collective top priority. Interestingly, this vehement dedication to togetherness may be the byproduct of another famous X Factor pop group: One Direction.

While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, group member Dinah-Jane Hansen reminisced about the advice that Harry Styles once so wisely (and ironically, considering recent events) bestowed upon the "Worth It" singers, sharing, "I remember we were in rehearsals and he came up to us and told us as a group, 'All five of you should be on the same page and the closest things to each other because around all five of you there are gonna be people that are gonna come and try to snatch you. People are gonna try to break you guys apart. So as long as you five are your best friends, that's the most important.'"

And as actions speak louder than words, the girls do seem to be forging full steam ahead as a group, having dropped a steamy new video and single called "Work From Home" on February 26 while they gear up for the release of their highly anticipated sophomore album, 7/27, out May 20.

"Fifth Harmony is definitely our first love... it's always been the foundation of everything," Hansen added. "Regardless of everything that's been going on, that's always been the focus."

Hopefully, for the sake of Harmonizers everywhere, things stay that way.

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