Fight negativity with positivity!


Sometimes people can be mean for now reason. That's what happened to one local teacher. Mrs. Kaiser was greeted by this note that was left on her car:


Instead of getting mad, Mrs. Kaiser decided to combat this note with a positive attitude and responded as such on Facebook:

"Guys... tonight I ran to the grocery after putting the kids to bed, like I do a lot on Sunday nights. It was just like any other trip... I go for incentives for my classroom and leave with two things of blue bunny ice cream and cheap makeup, along with the stickers and bags of candy. I was feeling exhausted from my long week and weekend, but then myday was brightened by this kind stranger. This sweet person took the time to grab a leftover napkin and write me this personal note to leave in my window. I can only imagine how much time and patience it must have taken because they did not even rip part of this napkin with their pen. I had been so worried that I was shit, but this person reminded me that I "ain't". I hung it on the fridge so that I can see it every single day. Thank you so very much... whoever you are! #itsthelittlethings #blessed#aintshit #anonymouscarnotes #fridgeart #randomactsofkindness#secretfriends"

It's nice to be reminded that sometimes we ain't sh*t. You can check out the original post below and remember to stay positive in the face of haters!



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