I honestly think Saturday Night Live is one of the most important television shows of all time.  Which is why it is one of the only shows that I like to recap after it happens because I feel like if you're not watching, you're missing something important.


This weekend, Halsey performed double duty as both host and musical guest.  I don't know why I had low expectations for her hosting ability (I felt confident she would do a great musical set), but I did.  I never vocalized them, I just thought there's no way this talented beautiful young woman would have the comedic timing and chops to meet the high standard the show has set over the past 40+ years.


I'm happy to say I was clearly mistaken.  Big kudos and congratulations to Halsey, who did what in my opinion was a FANTASTIC job hosting SNL!  Usually, I like to share a clip that I found to be particularly funny or culturally relevant.  But this time, I was so moved by Halsey's music that I just wanted to share those.  So check them out and enjoy them, below!



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