The headline sounds like something that I made up, but this is very much a true story. While most of the city sleeps, the third shift officers with the Evansville Police Department stay pretty busy. What they responded to early Thursday morning, seems like some sort of Sci-Fi Fast and the Furious movie scene. Here's how it went down:

Around 4:00 this morning, a concerned citizen called 911 to report a Corvette being driven recklessly, speeding and swerving down Morgan Avenue. The caller described the vehicle as "looking like a galaxy”. Third shift officers located this attention-grabber stopped for the light at Boeke and Morgan Avenue. Officers found the driver and his passenger sound asleep with the engine running--not acceptable in any galaxy. Upon waking them and investigating further, a loaded gun was found in addition to illegal narcotics and pills. These two dreamers found themselves transported and booked into the county jail as well. Fortunately, the ride ended where it did, not resulting in an accident--plus, the narcotics were not used. Thanks to the concerned citizen and patrol officers, working together to keep these two from becoming "morning stars" in a negative way. Their "galaxy" wasn’t registered either and was towed; a reminder that illegal conduct can be expensive--and does not pay.


I am so glad there are people here in Evansville that take the time to call in suspicious or dangerous situations. I leave for work at 4:15 A.M. so, knowing that this reckless driver could've hit me is a scary thought.

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