A Good Morning America reporter was caught without pants on... while on air.

On Tuesday (April 28), during an ABC segment on pharmacies that are using drones to deliver prescriptions to patients, correspondent Will Reeve appeared on camera from his home amid the coronavirus quarantine. Everything appeared normal at first until everyone — including hosts Michael Strahan and Amy Robach — realized he was pants-less.

Reeve was sporting nothing but his underwear with his blazer and shirt. Unfortunately, he didn't think anyone was going to see since he presumably set up his camera to only film his upper half not knowing the graphics at the bottom of the screen were eventually going to disappear.

Reeve, who happens to be Superman actor Christopher Reeve's son, later hilariously tried to explain himself on Twitter, writing, "We’re our own camera operators these days when we broadcast from home."

He also claimed he was wearing shorts, not underwear, before ultimately accepting there was no way to justify what happened. "Man, the more I look at this, the more thigh I see,” he tweeted. “Yikes.”

“I have ARRIVED* *in the most hilariously mortifying way possible," Reeve added.

Naturally, the moment went viral with Twitter users quickly chiming in with jokes.

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