If you watch television or listen to local radio, you've likely seen the face and heard the voice of Jason Moore, who is featured in advertisements for Audubon Chrysler Center in Henderson.  On December 11th, Jason's life took an unexpected turn when he visited the emergency room for "excruciating abdominal pain."  No one anticipated or could have predicted what has happened since.

Jason Moore/Facebook
Jason Moore/Facebook

Jason has been diagnosed with an incredibly rare form of pancreatitis, one that only 1% of people with pancreatitis get.  According to his wife, Cassie, Jason's condition is called "Acute Severe Pancreatitis w/ Multi-System Organ Failure."  It has affected every vital organ and, consequently, has become life-threatening.

As of this morning, Jason is still on a ventilator and getting dialysis.  According to Cassie, "His pancreas is still the biggest issue at this time. He will have to have some or all of it removed in the near future." As the family awaits further answers, Jason is "somewhat stable" and Cassie, family and friends are "praying his body will get the rest it needs and start to recover."

Jason and Cassie have been married for the 12 years.  They have two children- Hudson and Harper, both of whom costar in their dad's commercials for Audubon Chrysler Center.

While Jason is known for his successful Audubon Chrysler television, radio and billboard campaigns, he's also the host of the American Dream Car Show.

Plus, Jason's a former member of our family here at Townsquare Media Evansville/Owensboro and we are wishing him the very best.

In addition to being a local media stgar, Jason is involved with many philanthropic events in the tristate.  Most recently, according to his GoFundMe page, he coordinated the "2019 EAJ Backs the Blue Rally" with all proceeds benefiting the Cops Connecting with Kids Program.

Now it's time for folks in the community to give back to Jason.  His future literally hangs in the balance as doctors continue to monitor his condition and explore the best treatment options.  He is looking at months, possibly years, of treatment and recovery.  To date, his GoFundMe page has generated thousands of dollars the family will need as medical expenses continue to mount.  This morning, the fundraising tally had exceeded $13,000.  If you would like to donate, you can do so by CLICKING HERE!

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