One tweet can lead to a friendship with a relatively successful boy band from the late 90's!

I love Twitter. I love that you can instantly connect with celebrities, politicians, and other interesting people with a click of a button. Occasionally, you might get a tweet back or a retweet. It's happened to people in our building. The Rob and Kat have been tweeted at by Nick Cannon and Coca-Cola, respectively. While those are cool, they definitely aren't on the level of BECOMING BEST FRIENDS WITH THE LYTE FUNKIE ONES (LFO)!

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Be still, your tween heart

How did this happen? How was a friendship formed? Well, it started with a tweet I made a few weeks ago as a joke about my vocal exercises before I go on-air:

That's a real thing that I do. I have no idea why I use that song, but hey, it's my exercise. If you are unfamiliar with the masterpiece that is
Girl on TV, here it is:

I typically say the "shooby doo-wap and Scooby Snacks, met a fly girl and a can't relax" part of the song because I often cannot relax when I meet a fly girl. It's relatable. Anyway, last night, I got a Twitter notification that looked like this:


Yeah, I started freaking out a little bit. I have no idea why, but it was kinda cool that LFO looked up stuff about them, saw that I had said something about them, and subsequently decided that I was someone that deserved a follow. If this is where my story ended, you could say "Oh, big f***ing deal, that happens all the time." Well the (West Side) story doesn't end there. This journey is just getting started. I did the only thing one can do when being followed by LFO: You tweet about being followed by LFO.

Pretty standard fair for getting followed or retweeted by someone. Imagine my shock when they responded.

First off, their Twitter game is on point. Great use of the microphone emoji. I had no idea they were 39 years old though (where does time go?).

Anyway, remember when I mentioned that I became best friends with LFO? That's not hyperbole because this exchange happened:

Hell. Yes. I am now officially best friends with LFO. They said it themselves. It's in writing. And I get to buy them ice cream. It's badass they are going to be in the area in July. I decided to try to take this a step further and use my position as everyone's (immediate family and one friend) favorite DJ to try to set up an interview or something. 

To recap, here's how my night went:

  • Became Best Friends with LFO. The End

I look forward to see what happens and hopefully we can actually get an interview going. If you are still an LFO fan or have nostalgia for them, drop a comment below!


*Note: LFO currently consists of Devin Lima and Brad Fischetti. Original member Rich Cronin sadly passed away in 2010*



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