G-Eazy's arrest for assault and possession in Sweden may have been the result of an overeager fan.

TMZ reports that the rapper was arrested after throwing a punch at the wrong person after a fan continued to take photos of the artist.

Sources at Stockholm's Solidaritet nightclub told the tabloid that "G-Eazy and his crew were partying in the VIP room after his show when a fan approached and asked for a photo."

The rapper reportedly said no and the fan left, but five minutes later, he returned and began taking photos of G-Eazy and his entourage, which included his girlfriend, pop artist Halsey.

"G-Eazy's crew confronted him and a member...grabbed the guy's phone and smashed it," TMZ writes, adding that the "fan flipped out, shoved the crew member and it snowballed into a full melee."

In the chaos, G-Eazy allegedly struck one of the nightclub's security guards, resulting in the rapper's arrest and the subsequent discovery of cocaine.

As of Friday (May 4), G-Eazy has reportedly been released from jail in Stockholm and is free the leave the country.

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