The University of Evansville announced that they have received rapid-result COVID-19 testing kits, and they are being offered to students that are traveling home over the Thanksgiving break.

The tests came from the Indiana State Department of Health and they are FREE of charge to higher education institutions across Indiana. In addition to being free to the university and the students, the tests are also less invasive. The Abbott BinaxNOW tests require only a swab from the inside tip of the nostril, as opposed to other tests that take a swab from your brain (at least that's how it feels). You get the results fast too, in approximately 15-30 minutes, as opposed to a couple of days. The tests are voluntary for any student who like to make sure they are safe and healthy before hitting the road home, and will be available on campus from November 23-25. Student who are staying on campus until the end of the semester will have the chance to get tested in mid-December.


Dr. Dana Clayton is the Vice President for student affairs and dean of students at UE, she says "Our students have worked very hard to follow the guidelines and minimize the spread of the virus at UE and in our community. Offering these tests will help students feel comfortable by providing them the knowledge of their own status with the virus. This will allow them to plan accordingly and ultimately assist in protecting their families and local communities as they travel home for winter break."


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