Familia Dental celebrated its grand opening over the weekend on Evansville's east side...and it's a dentist office even your kids will want to go to!Familia Dental officially opened August 28, but recently celebrated their new location on Saturday with a bounce house, pizza, prizes, and more.

The new spot, located at 804 S Green River Road, is a dentist office for both children and adults. The fun colors and upbeat atmosphere hardly make it seem like a dentist office.

As soon as you walk inside, there's a play area with tunnels and obstacles to keep the kids busy while they wait for the doctor.


The staff at the desk was friendly and helpful. The thing that surprised me the most was that there were patients waiting in the waiting room...meaning the office is open on Saturdays! That's something new and very exciting for people with busy schedules.


They currently treat people in need of fillings, crowns, cleanings, X-rays, dentures, and partial oral surgeries.

The only thing Familia Dental doesn't offer at the moment is orthodontics...but not for long. They said hopefully in the near future they'll be a full-service dentistry, including braces and retainers.

For now, the far side of office holds empty slots, but eventually they hope to fill those with orthodontic doctors and patients.


To make an appointment, call 812-324-1981 or stop by the office at 804 S Green River Road.



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