Every year I try something new at the Fall Fest, mostly so I can have something to talk about on the radio, but there are a couple a dishes that are a MUST HAVE when I go!

The first thing I usually have to get is a Texas Tenderloin! I had never had one before I moved to Evansville, and now I can't go a single festival without having one! I don't have a particular booth that I get it from, I'll let YOU decide who has the best one by voting for your favorite booth, but it's NOT a TEXAS Tenderloin if the meat isn't at least 2-3 times the size of the bread! I like to eat my way toward the middle like a Tomb Raider adventure!

What's a MUST HAVE dish for YOU during the Fall Fest? Let me know in the comment below, and don't forget to cast you vote for you favorite booth to get KISS-106 to come and work it!

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