As I was chatting with one of my freelancer writers (and cruising around Facebook at the same time), I ran across a post that someone had shared entitled 17 Bodies Found in Ohio River Near Henderson Kentucky. Naturally, my interest was piqued and my job requires that I investigate anything as significant as this title suggested. Not only that, but if I'm living next to a serial killer, I like being aware of these things. 

The article by Empire News states,

Police searched the area, and discovered at least 17 bodies in different stages of dismemberment and decay. The bodies were all found wrapped individually in plastic bags.

“This could be the most prolific, active serial killer in the United States.” Said Captain Owen St. Pierre of the Henderson police department. “Two of the bodies identified so far have been determined to have extensive criminal records; we are considering the possibility that these murders could be inspired by the television series Dexter.

It goes on to say,

Several attempts were made to resuscitate at least one of the dismembered bodies, with no avail.

“Kentucky law requires that an attempt be made to resuscitate if possible,” said Joseph Goldsmith, a member of the search and rescue team.  “I know it seemed to be a long-shot, given the body was in several different pieces, but they require us to make an attempt.”


I pretty much immediately realized that this was "fake news" and possibly a play off the leg that was found in the Ohio River a few days ago. But, because I'm a good journalist and I want to make sure I get all the facts right, I called the Henderson Police Department and spoke with Sgt. Jarboe. He confirmed that that it was indeed a hoax and to his knowledge there have been no dismembered dead bodies turning up along the banks of the Henderson riverfront. He also probably thought I was a complete idiot for even calling and wasting two minutes of his time.

In conclusion, beware of fake internet news sites or only get your news from us! :)