Earlier this spring, right before everything shut down, a new rife was unveiled at Hollywood Studios in Orlando. Minnie & Mickey's Runaway Railroad replaced The Great Movie Ride. Some diehard fans were upset that the movie ride was remade into something else, but like Walt Disney always said, '"Keep moving forward."

This ride is now the inspiration for the latest McDonald's Happy Meals. If you're lucky, you will get your nuggies in the specially themed box. Mine was just plain. Okay, both of them were plain. Yes, I bought them for the toys, and I am now the proud owner of two Goofy Conductors.

Here's a point of view video of the ride.

These toys will go quickly, since collectors know someone on the inside of the drive thru, and can scoop them up before anyone else can. I have already found several complete sets on Ebay.

Oh Boy! 10 New Mickey Mouse Happy Meal Toys

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