The Evansville Civic Center has installed thermal imaging cameras at their entrances. These cameras can read the temperature of anyone entering the building and have been installed as a means of added security against the spread of Covid-19. According to 44News, the cameras trigger an alarm if someone enters the building with a temperature over 100.4 degrees. If the alarm sounds, Vanderburgh County Sheriff's deputies will prohibit the individual from entering the building. The temperature scanning is expected to begin at the Civic Center on Wednesday, October 21st.

It almost sounds like something out of a dystopian sci-fi novel, but this is no work of fiction. This is 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic is just catching it's second wind. Cases continue to rise in our community. There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has changed life as we know it. If you had told me at 20 or 30 that we would be living in a world where we needed a to wear a mask everywhere we go or that despite living in the greatest country in the free world and advancements in modern medicine, hundreds of thousands of people would die at the hands of a virus, I would have told you that was preposterous. Yet here we are.

In our office, we have protocols in place for sanitizing work stations, studios and other common areas and we are expected to follow them - for our own health and safety as well as the health and safety of our coworkers. Simply put, things are different. It's an entirely different world we're living in than what it was 10-12 months ago. I don't grocery shop anymore. I order everything online, pay online and then pull into a parking spot at my assigned time and I open my trunk and wait for someone else to load my groceries. I hate it. Online grocery pickup was always something that other people did. Not me. I'd rather select my own groceries, thank you very much. But not now. I don't want to be inside a bustling store where other people may or may not stay 6 feet away from me. I don't want to be in a packed shopping aisle where others aren't wearing their masks properly or worse yet, not wearing one at all. Nope. I'll sit in my parking spot with my trunk open.

I am not worried about getting sick myself. Maybe I should be but I'm not. I'm more worried about picking up the Covid-19 virus and asymptomatically passing it to someone else. So I wear my mask. I wash my hands and I avoid buying my own groceries or going anywhere where there are a lot of people. I'm just trying to ride this out. Will it go away? I have no idea but I do plan to do my part to help reduce the spread. It's the least I can do.

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