Right before COVID-19 shut everything down, Bobby and I had the opportunity to spend the day with the Radio/TV Broadcasting/Communications (RTV) students at Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center. We were there to share our knowledge of radio broadcasting, but I can tell you that these students are learning a lot more than we ever did. Not only are they being prepped for broadcasting, but the students are also learning the importance of digital content and how it ties into everything that we do.

Okay, technically, I didn't take any special classes to learn about broadcasting. I did attempt to sign up for the Television class during my time at Princeton Community High School, but every time I stopped by the classroom, no one was there. Evidently, the teacher had broken his leg or something, so I didn't get in the class. Like most things in my life - It was a whole thing!

Photo: JoBeth Bootz
Photo: JoBeth Bootz

JoBeth Bootz is the instructor for the RTV students and runs the radio station WPSR 90.7. She does an amazing job with the students, and I love that she lets them create their own radio shows.

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SICTC has been named one of the Top 10 career and technical schools in the nation. We have the chance to help the RTV II students win national recognition for a Public Service Announcement they created. 'Blink' is a visual PSA that shows the importance of keeping your eyes on the road while you drive.

The students have already won the Indiana title in The Greatest Save Teen PSA contest, now they need our votes to help them win the national title. After you watch the PSA, you will click to take a short survey and vote. You have until May 7, 2021, to get your vote in.

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