It's the best weekend to be an Anime fan!


EvilleCon is Evansville's biggest Anime convention! It's 3 great days of anime, video game, role playing, and more! As always, they will be having a cosplay contest (with various tiers of prizes), as well as the always popular EvilleCon's Got Talent talent competition. Also, I'll be one of the judges for that event.

There will also be several special guests at the event including voice actors from such shows like Black Butler, Gundam, and Transformers:Rescue Bots. There will also be tons of special panels, games, and events for various age groups (including things for adults after hours)

The event is happening all weekend at the Holiday Inn airport location in Evansville. I've gone to Evill Con the past two years and always have a blast. If you are a fan of anime or just nerd culutre, Eville Con will have something for you. You can get all the details about the event at the official Eville Con page.

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