This morning, Holly Dunn stopped by The Rob's Radio Show With Maddie West.  Holly has an absolutely incredible story to tell, which she does in her new book Sole Survivor.  The title references Holly's story of being the only person to survive an attack by The Railroad Killer, which she did in 1997.  Holly is also an Evansville native.

While she tells that story in Sole Survivor, Holly's story is an inspirational one, which led to the development of Holly's House (which, among other things, helps victims of domestic abuse), as well the education of young people to avoid high risk situations and becoming a victim.


You can find Holly's book at Amazon (CLICK HERE) or Barnes & Noble.  Also, tomorrow (January 27th, 2018) from 2-4, Holly will be hosting a book signing at Barnes & Noble at Green River Rd. & Lincoln Ave. here in her hometown of Evansville, IN.  The signing will also include a meet & greet as well as a Q&A session!

Photo: Ryan O'Bryan
Photo: Ryan O'Bryan

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