Youth Resources of Southwestern Indiana is a fantastic non-profit in Evansville designed to empower local high school students and help them grow into productive members of the community through community involvement and other activities. Thanks to one Evansville woman, you can help support this important organization while looking stylish at the same time!

Ann Burnworth is a former director of Youth Resources and still holds the group near and dear to her heart. While she's perhaps not as active with the organization as she was when she was leading it, she continues to be involved with the group by assisting in events and activities they hold throughout the year.

Like all not-for-profit organizations, Youth Resources relies almost soley on grants and donations through fundraising efforts within the community to continue their mission, and Burnworth is using her creative talents to assist with the effort.

Ann recently launched an in-home business she dubbed "Burnie's Gifts for Good" where she creates and sells homemade jewelry and donates the profits to Youth Resources. The jewelry incorporates healing chakra crystal, stones, and other glass jewelry into necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets.

Ann has set up a Facebook page for the business where you can see the fruits of her labor, prices for each piece, and contact Ann directly if you're interested in purchasing a few pieces.

These pieces and others Ann has created would be great gift ideas for family and friends, or if your looking to add a few new pieces to your personal collection. See more photos and place your order now through the Burnie's Gifts for Good Facebook page.

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