The viral sensation has hit Evansville classrooms.

School started a few weeks ago and several classrooms began using the above lyrics as a fun way to engage students. Far removed from traditional classroom posters (often times encouraging students that "Knowledge is Power!"), these are fun ways to encourage learning while recognizing that, yeah, Drake is pretty cool.

While the above Drake lyrics have been adapted throughout the country, one local teacher, Lindsay Taylor, has gone beyond Drake and incorporated two more hip-hop icons into the classroom.

Maybe you want Kanye to inspire you to get better grades:

Or if you have trouble staying awake during class, Childish Gambino can remind you how to go about doing that:

Lindsay Taylor

These posters are fun and the artwork is absolutely amazing. I definitely wish I had a teacher like Miss Taylor when I was in school.

If Miss Taylor is a teacher at your school, feel free to vote for you school in our My School Rules contest!