It does seem like the celebrations of freedom have begun a lot earlier than most years. I have heard fireworks in my neighborhood for at least the past week. Even though it might seem like an appropriate way to celebrate a graduation or the reopening of things, but in the city of Evansville, it's illegal to shoot fireworks right now.

HOLD YOUR FIRE(WORKS)! The City of Evansville has a very specific Municipal Code relating to fireworks and, until June 29th, use is ILLEGAL. Please share this post with your friends and neighbors. Go to , find the drop menu under section "How Do I...", choose "Find a Municipal Code", and examine Code 9.10.020 for specifics--dates and times fireworks are allowed--where they are NOT allowed, and what constitutes "Consumer Fireworks" and what does not. Note also violations include a fine. Be safe, be courteous.

EPD Fireworks Infographic
EPD Fireworks Infographic

The question about fireworks certainly has Facebook divided. Here are some of the comments:

"Think is is ridiculous that it is allowed for 10 days....the issue is too many ignore whatever rules are in place and the police certainly have better things to attend to than following up on those who choose to disrespect the ordinance....the city is not not showing any concern for folks with babies, those that have to work, those with PTSD and I could go on an on....limit it to July 3, 4, and 5....10 days is just unreasonable..."  Johna Seaton

 "Fallen Heros: we made the ultimate sacrifice so the rest of you could be free. America: awesome, we will honor your sacrifice with an entire weekend dedicated to your memory where we fully utilize the freedom and liberty you fought and died for
City of Evansville and EPD: not so fast there citizens...." 
David Gonzalez Enriquez

"Plz make them stop my dog is so scared at night she will not go outside" Toni Hernandez

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