When they're not out saving the day, the members of the Evansville Police and Evansville Fire Departments often enjoy giving each other a hard time with playful jabs about who works harder, or which department is superior. But, for a few moments on Thursday, they put their faux-rivalry aside to show their appreciation for another set of heroes.

Through every tragedy a hero emerges. The September 11th attacks showed us that real heroes aren't those we read about in comic books or watch in movies, but the first responders who have dedicated their lives to running toward the danger to make sure everyone else is safe. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the hero spotlight has shined our on health care workers. Doctors, nurses, and frankly anyone that works in a hospital or medical facility that goes to work everyday knowing they're putting their own health at risk to save those who are sick. With National Nurses Day happening on Wednesday (May 6th, 2020), the heroes who emerged in the wake of September 11th wanted to make sure the current heroes of the pandemic knew they were loved and appreciated.

The two departments brought 18 police cars and four fire engines to an unnamed parking lot form the ultimate symbol of love, a heart. In an interview with Joe Bird from Eyewitness News, Evansville Police Department Public Information Officer, Sergeant Nick Winsett said the entire process of getting the vehicles in place took about an hour, and a drone was used to help make sure they formed the symbol correctly.

Clearly, it was time well spent.

[Source: Evansville Police Department Press Release]

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