When it rains it pours, as they say, and the City of Evansville Storm Water Management Department is giving you the chance to capture several gallons of that rain with your very own, free rain barrel.

What is the Purpose of a Rain Barrel?

rain barrel in the garden

The "too-long-didn't-read" version is basically that a rain barrel helps you cut down on the water you use to water your lawn, your garden, your flowers, etc. by giving you the chance to use the water nature dumped on your home from the sky.

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More specifically, from the Environmental Protection Agency:

Rain barrels capture water from a roof and hold it for later use such as on lawns, gardens or indoor plants. Collecting roof runoff in rain barrels reduces the amount of water that flows from your property. It's a great way to conserve water and it's free water for use in your landscape.

How to Claim Your Free Rain Barrel from the City of Evansville

City of Evansville
City of Evansville

The City has been providing barrels to residents who want them for several years thanks to a partnership with Coca-Cola Refreshments. The 55-gallon, plastic barrels will be available beginning Wednesday, August 24th (2022) and can be picked up in the "Back 40" parking lot behind the Civic Center and the Old National Events Plaza on Walnut Street beginning at 10:00 AM.

80 barrels will be available and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis until the last barrel has been claimed. One thing to note; the barrels that will be available on Wednesday will not be decorated like those in the photo above provided by the city. But, once you take one, you can decorate it however you'd like if you want.

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