In a world without sports, people have to get creative to fill that void. That's exactly what Evansville's Alex Gould did from  his rooftop when he created the Evansville 500.

What do you do when you can't watch sports? You turn everyday life into a sport. Alex sat on  his rooftop and played the role of commentator to turn Evansville traffic into the Evansville 500. His creativity and humor has earned himself a viral video.

At the time of this writing, Alex has received over 7,000 views on his Twitter. Not to mention the views he got when NBC Sports covered this video on their Twitter and Facebook.

NASCAR better give this guy a job! In another Tweet, Alex said "More content to come. Hope everyone stays safe and finds laughter in a difficult time!"

I can't wait to see what Alex does next to strike internet gold!

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