As I was scrolling through the Nextdoor app, a really special story caught my eye. A couple of weeks ago eleven community leaders spent 48 hours living on the streets of Evansville. The project aimed to create awareness about the homeless issues we face and to raise funds for Aurora Evansville.

48 Hours in the Life caught the attention of 12-year-old Sophie. She was inspired to do a fundraiser to help the homeless in Evansville. Tuesday, December 14, 2021, Sophie will perform music on Facebook and you'll have the opportunity to make a donation.

Kayla McGrew on Nextdoor:

For any of you that are on Facebook, we’d love for you to join us next week! Our 12-year-old daughter is doing a live concert to raise money for Aurora, a local non-profit that helps the homeless in our community. Moore Music, where she takes guitar lessons, has generously offered to match up to $1500 in donations! She’ll be going live on Facebook at 6:30 this coming Tuesday to play guitar and sing. Even if you can’t donate, we’d love for anyone to join us to watch. She’s so excited. The more, the merrier!

"We’ve recently had some pretty big conversations at our house about homelessness in our community. Sophie had some pretty big feelings about it, and she’s spent the last several days trying to come up with a way that she could help. She and her big ol’ heart asked us tonight if she could do a live concert on Facebook for donations in lieu of tips. We thought that would be a pretty fun way to help out a good cause, so mark your calendars!

 What is Aurora?

Aurora Evansville has been serving our community since 1988. Their mission is to basically end homelessness with Homeless Outreach and Diversion, Rapid Rehousing, Permanent Supportive Housing, and more.

Tuesday, December 14 at 6:30 join us to hear her play her little heart out! She will be asking for donations for Aurora, a local non-profit that works to fight homelessness, leading up to and during her live performance. Let’s all help this sweet girl make a difference. Our kids are our future, right?"

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