If you are heading to Costco in hopes of stocking up on toilet paper and bottled water, you're out of luck. It's like something you would see on Black Friday. Empty shelves and customers actually fighting over bottled water and toilet paper. As of Tuesday, March 10, 2020 Costco in Evansville has a new limit on those popular purchases.

The Kirkland Signature bath tissue is limit 2 per membership, per day.

Costco TP Photo: Doug DeWig

The Kirkland Signature water is also limit 2 per membership, per day.

Costco Water Photo: Doug DeWig

Down the road at Sam's Club, the toilet paper pallets are empty.

Sams Club Empty pallet Photo: Doug DeWig

It's a similar story in the bottled water isle.

Sams Club Empty Water Shelf Photo: Doug DeWig
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We've heard that the free in-store samples have been discontinued, although as of Tuesday, there were no signs about this new rule. At The Fresh Thyme Market, they have signage requesting that you refrain from sampling the bulk merchandise.