If you like dark and gritty, this is the show for you!

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The Evansville Civic Underground is proud to present their next project, Killer Joe, set to open in February. The only thing missing is you! They are holding auditions tonight and tomorrow at the Evansville Civic Theatre from 6pm-9pm. Here is a synopsis of the show:

Killer Joe is an early play by award-winning playwright Tracy Letts. It tells the story of a young drug dealer named Chris who finds himself in desperate need of some cash. He and his father Ansel come up with the idea to murder Chris’ mother for her life insurance policy. They hire part-time hitman Joe Cooper to do the job, but complications arise when Joe insists on being paid in advance. Because the two men obviously can’t pay him before they receive their own dividends, Joe decides to accept Chris’ strange and childlike sister Dottie as “retainer” until his money comes through.

This is a gritty and darkly humorous show and the director is looking to get great performances out of his cast. If this interests you, you can get more information here

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