Ellen DeGeneres asked the audience on her talk show if they have heard of the "Baby Shark" phenomenon. 

If you have small children or work around little ones, you might have heard of the "Baby Shark" videos. While most parents are getting frustrated by this catchy tune, the little ones seem to love it. From my experience, if the kid is happy and being good, let them watch "Baby Shark" as much as their little heart desires!

The video on YouTube has over 1.7 BILLION views. Therefore, it's going to be a thing for a while and if you haven't heard of it, you will soon get it stuck in your head and sing it all day long, on your way home from work, and down the aisle of the grocery store. Yes, it has a lasting impression.

Ellen decided her show needed a new theme song, check out her tweet below for the new "Ellen Show"!


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