Once upon an Easter, the Easter Bunny found himself in a bit of a pickle. Over the Christmas season, he married his longtime sweetheart, Marilyn Bunroe. Things have been a little hare-wire since the wedding. He broke a tooth on an 18-carrot carrot. He cut his foot at hip hop class. And the worst - he found out the only hareplane leaving to their bunnymoon destination was headed out early ON Easter morning. There just simply wasn't enough time to deliver all the eggs AND get on that plane headed to Easter Island. He was not missing the hopportunity to play hospcotch with his new bunny bride.

Ever the hoptimist, EB came up with an eggcellent idea. He decided to find a fill-in.

Now, not just any old funny bunny can do the job of delivering egg hunts and Easter baskets all over the world in one night. It has to be someone special. Someone with eggsperience being in the spotlight.

EB needs your help. We've hidden 12 Easter eggs around this website for you to find. On each egg is the name of a famous rabbit that could fill in for EB on Easter. But there's a catch. In our hustle to hide the eggs, things got a bit scrambled. Unscramble the name of the famous rabbit and type it into the corresponding number below. And, though we hate to split hares, in order for your entry to count, you must match up the correct famous rabbit with the egg number.

Just to be a good sport, here's the first egg. Unscramble this wascaly wabbit's name and enter it in FAMOUS RABBIT #1 below!


This contest will open be open April 15 thru Easter Sunday. Each completed (and correct) multiplier below is an additional entry into the contest. ALL TOWNSQUARE MEDIA GENERAL CONTEST RULES APPLY.

What's the Grand Prize?

  • Choice of one activity
  • 2 Slices of Pizza and Drink (with refills) per guest
  • $15 arcade gift card per guest
  • Party room
  • Invitations
  • Paper products
  • Party helper

This contest is brought to you by Robert John and Associates!

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