My early twenties were spent slingin' drinks at Harpole's, Oxygen Nightclub, the Boiler Room in Owensboro, and at Duck Inn. Looking back, it was an easy time in my life. When I graduated college, I wasn't ready to 'adult' yet so I'd work Tuesdays at the Duck and Saturdays at O2. The rest of the week was lounging by the pool and hanging out with friends who were also not ready to be adults. I'd make my rent and had a little left over for food and fun. I was still on my parents' health insurance plan so life was good.

Brian Siebers

All of these bars are a distant memory now. But I made some great friends and had a blast. One of my favorite times of the year in my Duck days was Mardi Gras! If you ever got to experience a Duck Mardi Gras, you know just how crazy it was. The owner, Brian Siebers would bring in cooks from New Orleans to serve up authentic cajun and creole classics. Jess never missed a night behind the bar. And with bands from Zydeco legend Chubby Carrier to folky funky jam band Bonepony, it rocked all night long. My friends and I would just sleep at the bar because there was no point in going home. I even brought my dog over to hang out upstairs so I could pop in and see him and take care of him - we were that busy all week long.

Brian Siebers

In more recent years, the Duck changed hands a few times and underwent a renovation. But, as all things go, the Duck ran its course and closed up a few years ago for good. Then, I got a call last night that made me stop and grab my calendar.

On Saturday, May 16, 2020, there will be a Duck Inn reunion to celebrate Brian's 50th birthday and relive memories at the Bokeh Lounge in downtown Evansville. And the big exciting news - Cowboy Poets and Bonepony will be playing with special guest Tramp! This will be his first musical reunion with the band since he left the band15 years ago. There will be reunion t-shirts for sale with proceeds benefiting the American Liver Foundation. Because, well, you get it...

If you have some old photos from the Duck days, email them to me for a slideshow the night of at