While Covid-19 may be keeping us from seeing the latest blockbusters at the theater, it isn't going to keep us from enjoying watching movies on the big screen. We just have to get a bit more creative and that is exactly what the Downtown Henderson Partnership is doing!

While they have not released many details, we do know that the Downtown Henderson Partnership has teamed up with Field & Main Bank in Henderson and they are planning to bring the drive-in movie experience to Henderson. According to an event created on Facebook, there are plans for a drive-in movie experience on September 19, 2020 but details beyond that are not available at this time. According to the page, we have to "Stay tuned for more details about Downtown Henderson Partnership and Field & Main Bank's Drive-In Movie night!"

In the meantime, we learned just yesterday (August 5, 2020) that Walmart will be hosting pop-up events across the country with drive-in movies showing at 160 of their Super Centers, including here in Evansville.  You can learn more about that here, including the list of movies that Walmart will be showing. A few on the list are classics like The Wizard of Oz, E.T. & Ghostbusters as well as more recent offerings like Wonder Woman & Black Panther.

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