Get those power levels up and start screaming!

Dragon Ball Z KAI (5 Seasons, Cartoon Network)


If you were a kid in 1999-2000, you watched Dragon Ball Z after school. It's just what you did. The Toonami anime block on Cartoon Network is still legendary almost 20 years later. The undisputed king was DBZ.

Dragon Ball Z follows the story of Goku and his friends as the fight to save the galaxy from a number of different enemies. The show was bright, flashy, and pop-culture phenomenon. Dragon Ball Z KAI is different from the original DBZ as it cuts out a lot of the filler that really bogged down the show. Gone are entire episodes dedicated to screaming and powering up. The show gets right to the point with the fighting and storytelling.

Rewatching the series has made me really appreciate the impact DBZ has had on my life. My sister and I (and now her husband) all still reference the show and get together to check out any of the new movies that get released. With a new series, Dragon Ball SUPER, beginning to air in the US, DBZ KAI is a great way to catch up and see why everyone loves this show!

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