Donut Bank, a staple in the Evansville area, took to social media earlier today to make a big announcement regarding some changes to all locations.

The number of positive COVID cases is on the rise again, unfortunately. You've seen and heard all about this and the delta variant in the news over the past few weeks. Several businesses are implementing new rules to help combat the virus and to protect their employees and customers in the process.

One of Evansville's most beloved businesses announced today that they will be changing up their business model a bit as a result of the rising numbers of COVID-19. All Donut Bank locations will be drive-thru only until further notice, the donut shop announced on Facebook.

This means that you can still get your delicious coffee, cookies, and donuts in the morning on your way to work, however, you'll have to order them to-go. It may be a small inconvenience for some, but at least you still get to enjoy all of their treats!

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The announcement also means that the monthly Coffee with a Cop dates at the Donut Bank locations in Evansville will also be canceled. I reached out to the Evansville Police Department and they did confirm that the rest of the dates at Donut Bank and Chick-Fil-A have been canceled until both restaurants resume dine-in options. They will then reschedule dates for Coffee with a Cop at that time. The monthly event gives you the opportunity to enjoy delicious breakfast food and a good cup of coffee while chatting with officers from the Evansville Police Department about whatever is on your mind.

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