Halloween is over, now what to do with the pumpkins? After the fall season, there's a pretty good chance that you have a pumpkin or two laying around. Instead of discarding them, some critters will think it's a Thanksgiving feast!

Photo by Taylor Foss for Unsplash
Photo by Taylor Foss for Unsplash

This may be something that you've never thought of, but deer among many other animals love to eat your discarded pumpkins after the season. Growing up on close to 100 acres, my Dad always took our pumpkins at the end of Halloween and fed them to the wildlife. We just loved watching them graze and enjoy the once-a-year snack.

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From raccoons, squirrels, chickens, rabbits, and ducks, there are many types of critters and wild animals that love pumpkins so don’t just toss them in the trash. Just cut up the pumpkin so they can easily access the fleshy goodness inside. Some will want to enjoy the outside rinds too. Be sure that the pumpkin hasn't started to mold, and there isn't any paint or candle wax on it. Many critters in your backyard will be glad that you've recycled your jack-o-lantern. The seeds are a natural dewormer too!

I mean, just watch Teddy Bear, the talking porcupine, feast on a pumpkin. I wish Teddy  Bear was in my backyard. Press play and make your day!

Many species of birds also love pumpkin seeds. Just mix the seeds with your birdseed and watch them come from miles away. Be sure the seeds are dry and rinsed off before you add them in.

If you don't want to put them in your yard for fear of mice or rats, since they love pumpkins as well, you could always donate them to a local farmer to use. Of course, as mentioned, only when the pumpkin is paint and candle wax free. Many farm animals salivate over pumpkins!

Press play and see how much farm animals love some pumpkins. #adorable

You can also feed fresh pumpkins to your pooch. This video shows how you can make a puree that your pup will love!

Have a safe and amazing fall holiday season and enjoy carving those pumpkins!

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