With Hostess going out of business, the thought of Twinkies becoming scarce is terrifying the nation! People have gone as far as to paying thousands of dollars for Twinkies on eBay (I mean really, who has that much money anyways?) Well this guy at Top Secret Recipes, has found a way to make clone Twinkies in your own kitchen, and better yet, they don't have all the preservatives and crap in them that real Twinkies have!

Scott Olsen, Getty Images

In this video Todd Wilbur shows us how to make our own Twinkie baking mold using some tinfoil and a spice bottle.  He also shows us how to make the actual Twinkie pound cake batter, and then how to put the filling inside your Twinkie.  So have no fear! Twinkies will not be lost forever!

Also in the end of the video he shows you what a 13 year old Twinkie looks like...yikes!!