The Posey County United Way has teamed up with Cooper's Cones at McKim's IGA in Mt. Vernon for a special shoe collection.

How many pairs of shoes do you have sitting around taking up space in your closet? How many of those do you actually wear? Now is the time to part ways with those shoes to help give back to those who might not otherwise have a good pair of shoes to wear every day.

The United Way of Posey County and Cooper's Cones at McKim's IGA are inviting you to drop off your gently worn or new shoes throughout the month of July. The United Way will receive .50¢ per pound from Funds2Orgs for the shoes collected. These shoes will then be distributed to children and adults in 3rd world countries, and to those in Posey County in need.

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Aside from cleaning out your closet and getting rid of your unused shoes, what is in it for you? Well, Cooper's Cones will give you .50¢ off a large snow cone up to $5 for every pair of shoes that you bring in. That means if you bring in 10 pairs of shoes, you will receive a free large snow cone. And with the heat that we have seen, a large snow cone could come in handy!

Shoes can be dropped off at Coopers Cones, located at McKim's IGA in Mt. Vernon,  Monday-Friday 3-8 p.m. or Saturday-Sunday 2-8 p.m. You can also drop them off anytime during regular business hours at McKim's IGA.

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