The Vanderburgh County Health Department's Food and Restaurant Inspector's Office has released it FINAL Report for 2018. See if YOUR favorite restaurant made the cut ...

  1. Arby’s, 19620 Highway 41, one noncritical violation: Repair/replace gasket on walk-in door.
  2. Be Happy Pie Company, 2818B Mt. Vernon Ave., no violations.
  3. Carne Asada, 1354 E. Division St., no violations.
  4. China Lu Market, 4604 Vogel Road, one critical violation: Food items not stored a minimum of six inches off the floor; two noncritical violations: Products not properly identified with labels in English; back door in need of repair/replacing.
  5. Circle K, 1148 Washington Ave., no violations.
  6. Crossroads IGA, 6401 N. Green River Road, one critical violation: No consumer advisory on printed menu.
  7. CVS Pharmacy, 3900 Oak Hill Road, no violations.
  8. CVS Pharmacy, 511 E. Boonville-New Harmony Road, no violations.
  9. Denny’s, 19501 Elpers Road, one noncritical violation: Cleaning needed under equipment.
  10. Dollar Tree, 501 Lincoln Ave., no violations.
  11. El Charro, 720 N. Sonntag Ave., three critical violations: Improper storage of raw fish (corrected); spray bottles containing toxic chemicals not labeled; sanitizer concentration too low in dish machine; one noncritical violation: Dish machine not functioning as designed.
  12. El Sabroso, 3012 Covert Ave., no violations.
  13. Golden Buddha, 3221 Taylor Ave., three critical violations: Chemical dishwasher not sanitizing (corrected); sanitizer concentration for wiping clothes too weak (corrected); scoop for bulk container lacking proper handle (corrected).
  14. Hardee’s, 4400 Covert Ave., no violations.
  15. Independence Square, 201 W. Delaware St., no violations.
  16. J’s Sportsbar & Grill, 1602 S. Vann Ave., one noncritical violation: Improper thawing of potentially hazardous food (corrected).
  17. Kennel Club of Evansville, 5201 Kratzville Road, no violations.
  18. Long John Silver’s, 1015 S. Green River Road, no violations.
  19. Los Portales Grill, Inc., 3339 N. Green River Road, three critical violations: Water supply not protected with back siphonage prevention device; cold foods not being held at the required temperature, product discarded (corrected); improper cooling of potentially hazardous food, product discarded (corrected); one noncritical violation: Improper thawing of food (corrected).
  20. Mama Roma’s Pizza X-Press, 3115 Covert Ave., two noncritical violations: Grease trap maintenance log not up to date; hood vents in need of cleaning.
  21. McDonald’s, 19700 N. Highway 41, one noncritical violation: Ice build-up in walk-in freezer.
  22. Mead Johnson/Canteen, 2400 W. Lloyd Expressway, no violations.
  23. PaPa John’s, 4204 First Ave., one critical violation: Working containers of toxic materials not labeled (corrected); one noncritical violation: Floor tiles and baseboard need to be replaced.
  24. Shorty’s, 1209 Baker Ave., one critical violation: Hand washing sink obstructed (corrected).
  25. St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry, 809 N. Layfayette St., no violations.
  26. Stockyard Inn, 1217 Baker St., no violations.
  27. Subway, 4218 First Ave., no violations.
  28. Subway, 6401 Highway 41 N., one noncritical violation: Improper storage of in-use utensils in sanitizer solution on line (corrected).
  29. Szechwan Chinese Restaurant, 669 N. Green River Road, two critical violations: Employees not washing hands when necessary; hand sink in kitchen area obstructed; four noncritical violations: Food preparation taking place at three-compartment sink with dirty dishes present (corrected); improper thawing method being utilized (corrected); facility in need of repairs; facility in need of cleaning.
  30. Taco Bell, 1580 Vann Ave., no violations.
  31. Virginia Street Market, 628 E. Virginia St., two critical violations: No certified food safety employee; ready to eat foods not date marked; one noncritical violation: No paper towels at hand washing sink.
  32. Wolfe’s Auto Auction, Inc., 2229 S. Kentucky Ave., no violations.

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