Who doesn't love Nerf guns?  When I was a kid I used to love having Nerf gun wars with my cousin, and friends in the neighborhood. For Christmas this year I bought my nephew a Nerf gun and we had so much fun Christmas morning shooting foam darts at each other, and getting them all over my parent's house.  Nerf guns are definitely a toy that has lasted many generations. Now you can play a full blown Nerf gun tag game inside at a place called Combat Ops.

Combat Ops is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana and they have a huge space dedicated to feeling like a kid again (or a fun place to take the kids).  They offer an arena for indoor Nerf tag, which is definitely one way to feel like a kid again.   Besides Nerf tag, they also offer a ton of other activities, axe throwing, laser tag, archery tag, mini golf, indoor dodgeball, an arcade, a laser maze, and more.  Seriously the space is definitely multi functional. According to their website they have over 33,000 square feet, and it definitely sounds like they use every bit of it!  I feel like by playing Nerf tag in an indoor arena would feel something like this Nerf commercial:

I feel like this would be a fun way to end disagreements in my house.  Who is doing the dishes tonight?  Let's Nerf war it! haha If you're interested in learning more, you can check out CombatOps.com to see more of what they offer.

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