When Lil Wayne was working on tracks for ‘Tha Carter IV,’ he decided to take a moment to explore his sensitive side. The result was ‘How to Love,’ a rare moment of introspective balladry from the hip-hop magnate that paid off with a cross-format smash.

Clearly, ‘How to Love’ has no shortage of fans, including at least one famous one: Demi Lovato, who made room for a cover of the song during her show at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom on Saturday.

Lovato offered her own perspective on the song, starting with her decision to flip its lyrical perspective. Changing it to the woman’s point of view, she sang, “When I was just a young’un, my looks were so precious,” she sang. “But now I’m grown up, so fly it’s a blessing / But now I can’t have a man look at me for five seconds / Without me feeling insecure.”

Despite the fact that she didn’t write the song, it seemed like a personal moment for Lovato, who has been admirably open regarding her struggles with a variety of emotional issues — and the crowd responded in kind. Maybe she’ll make it a permanent part of her set list as she tours behind her eagerly anticipated new album, ‘Unbroken.’

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