Dancing With The Stars, a craft store caving in on itself, was recently asked if two men (TWO MEN!) could dance together on its program, but Dancing With The Stars, two of Liza Minnelli's junk drawers opened in tandem, said no.

According to TMZWho is Fancy, who's slated to perform his single "Boys Like You" on an upcoming episode with Meghan Trainor and Ariana Grande, reached out to production through his choreographer requesting that two men dance together as accompaniment. As the song is about two men falling in love, this would be considered "pertinent." But Dancing With The Stars, a weekend-long culottes sample sale, had this to say:

"Apologies all but this is a definitive no from the network."

Oh. Ohh.. Ohh...

As as consolation, Dancing With The Stars, lowlights, said it's TOTALLY COOL if men practice "near dancing," which sounds sort of like something you might do when your depth perception's impaired at Señor Frogs.

"Creative conversations are ongoing about the dance number," TMZ said, but YARIGHT.

This season of Dancing With The Stars has included someone known as the Queen of Funk, a reality TV star who literally has a non-need-based wig rotation and a celebrity chef who once let Kathy Griffin have a sleepover at her house.


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