Looking for fun and safe activities for the kids while staying at home due to COVID-19?   Try the Neighborhood ABC Scavenger Hunt using letters of the alphabet.  

Newburgh and other neighborhoods have started playing this game recently that encourages children to have fun and increase their learning skills.

It’s the Alphabet Scavenger Hunt and everyone can play while still practicing social distancing.  Volunteers are solicited to display a letter on their front door or window, decorated however they’d like.

All ages can play and go for a walk or bike ride and try to spot the entire alphabet.

Be as creative and imaginative as you’d like with decorating your letter.  For example, one volunteer decorated the letter Z in red, white, and blue; the letter J in shiny glitter... you kinda get the idea.

In one neighborhood, someone suggested adding punctuation marks such as commas or semi-colons after more than 26 people volunteered to participate.  Sure, why not?

So, organize a hunt in your neighborhood and maybe take the dog with you too for some needed exercise!  Enjoy this fun learning experience for the kids and remember to practice social distancing!

“Everyone’s kind of getting together and rallying around the ability for children to seek different opportunities, to get outside and increase their learning.”

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