Whoa!  What???  But the answer is YES!  Cracker Barrel is now serving alcohol. My friend Desla popped into Cracker Barrel here in Owensboro last week and was surprised to see this . . .

Desla Laster
Desla Laster
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Yes, that's a beer, wine and mixed drink menu that says "NOW SERVING."  And, yes!  You're reading that menu correctly.  They're serving up everything from Pabst Blue Ribbon to Strawberry Mimosas.

Now, full confession.  I haven't been to Cracker Barrel for quite a while.  According to the responses to Desla's Facebook post, many of our mutual friends haven't either.  So, I decided to do some research and try to find out when Cracker Barrel made this change to its menu and offerings.

Turns out, it was last Fall.  According to a recent CNN story, the popular restaurant chain actually rolled out the concept (in a 100-location "test market") before the pandemic began.  It was a hit, so the change is now permanent.  And, I'll add, that's a significant change to a restaurant that has maintained some incredibly conservative stances over the course of its 50+ year history.

Local folks are pretty excited about the new addition.

Sonny Day commented on Facebook and said, "I'd go with the PBR." Mike Knight jumped in with an instant recommendation, "It goes good with the Fried Bologna and Fries" Plate."

Rachel Marie was already well aware of the menu change.  She commented, "Yup! Been going there for mimosas for months. Expensive, but good."

Melissa Decker was a little surprised that this change had made its way to the Owensboro location.  She asked, "In town?  Get out! That's a trip."

And Quinten Shock, like many others, was excited.  He said, "About time!"

I asked Desla if she ordered off the new adult beverage menu (knowing in my heart what the answer would be).  She said, "The orange mimosa!!"

Atta, Girl!

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