Spend just a few minutes with Courtney Johnson and you will quickly realize that you are talking to a really special individual. Even if you didn't realize it at the time, you have most likely seen Courtney before. He is the founder and Executive Director of Young & Established and is heavily involved in working with young people in Evansville. On top of that, Courtney is a new father for the first time. Somehow, while spinning all of those proverbial plates, Courtney found the time to add 'author' to his resume with the release of his first book.

Note to Self

Courtney is all about keeping things positive - that's the way he lives his life, runs his non-profit organization, and mentors young people, and that's how he wrote this book - or should I say that's WHY he wrote this book. Note to Self is a collection of short affirmations - quick phrases that have made an impact in his life, and that he thinks could make a difference in yours. Simple reminders like "Stop being so hard on yourself," and "Try to find the good in every situation."

Note to Self is not a big book, it's less than 100 pages, so you could certainly read the entire thing in a short amount of time - but I see it more as a resource to reference from time to time. Maybe you read a handful of phrases each morning, or maybe you flip through it when you need a pick-me-up during your day. You can, of course, consume it however you like.


Where to Find It

Note to Self is available to purchase on Amazon for just $14. If you ever see Courtney out and about, odds are he will have some copies with him, so you can always just grab one from him. Honestly, for as inexpensive, and easy to read as it is, Note to Self would make a great gift. Why not buy up four or five copies - keep one for yourself and maybe give one to someone who might need to hear those kinds of encouraging words.

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