Is there seriously anyone around these days who doesn't need a good laugh??  Here's an opportunity for you to get a lot of them.  TONIGHT! The Whitesville Historical Society is teaming up with Comedy Caravan for a special fundraising even here in Owensboro.

It gets underway at 8pm at Bar Louie downtown.  Tickets are just $15 and you're invited to help the Whitesville Historical Society "laugh all the way to the bank."

Here's the poster for tonight's event!

WHS Bar Louie fundraiser 2

As you can see, tonight's Comedy Caravan is headlined by Brent Terhune, who's well-known from appearances on The Bob & Tom Show and Laughs on Fox.  Also appearing will be DJ Dangler, who's also been featured on Laughs on Fox.  And the Master of Ceremonies for the evening will be Tony Foxworthy.

This morning, Leslie McCarty from the Whitesville Historical Society called to chat about tonight's event, how to get tickets and the mission of the non-profit.

If you would like to purchase tickets for the event and be certain that the proceeds will benefit the Whitesville Historical Society, call Leslie McCarty 270-313-4839 or Jackie Bickett at 270-316-0763. Both ladies have tickets and can hook you up!
 The Whitesville Historical Society's mission is simple- to preserve and celebrate the history of Whitesville and surrounding communities. You can learn more about the society, the mission and even donate to the historical preservation efforts by visiting their official Facebook page.

And, of course, you can always buy tickets to tonight's Comedy Caravan event and help the society "laugh all the way to the bank."

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