Ser Baffo, Getty Images
Ser Baffo, Getty Images

A French Model who accused singer Chris Brown of sexual assualt is being sued by the R&B/Pop star in French court for making false accusations.The woman, who is only being referred to by the initails K.M. accused Brown and a member of his security team of raping her in his hotel suite at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Paris back on January 16th.

Apparently in France, if someone KNOWINGLY makes false accusations against someone else to the police, the falsely accused has the right to sue for up to 45,000 Euros (roughtly $51K USD). Brown lawyer filed on his behalf.

Here in America, making false statements to the police accusing someone of a crime is technically not tortable, unless they publically make that statement to a third party. Although falsely calling 911 is considered a misuse of municipal services but I don't know if any other that the city could sue you for that.

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