That's right, she "Robbed The Rob."


Last month we had been running an online contest called "Robbin' The Rob" with our friends at P.C. Quest!  They gave me a whole bunch of incredible merchandise for my smartphone, computer, Wii, PlayStation 3, and X-Box 360...  But the catch of course was that I wasn't allowed to play with any of it :(

Instead of -ME- getting able to enjoy all the cool stuff, we gave it away to one of our listeners.  Yesenia from Evansville was lucky enough to rob me off all of my sweet P.C. Quest stuff!  Here's some pictures from when she stole all the goods, which ironically enough, happened to be her birthday!  So congratulations Yesenia, and happy birthday!!

TSMEvansville's Robbin The Rob With PC Quest album on Photobucket