Donald Trump on People’s Court SNL
Just is case your day hasn't been going as great as you would like, here's a little something to get a quick laugh. Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump on SNL having his day in court ... the PEOPLE'S COURT! Enjoy...
Russian Hacking on SNL
With all of the talk on news about a possible hacking of the Presidential election, congressional email, and Hillary Clinton's private server, SNL decided to have a little fun with it. Check out the recent WEEKEND UPDATE sketch on SNL that's sure to shed a funnier light on the subject...
Spicer’s Podium of DEATH on SNL
Melissa McCarthy sticks it to Sean Spicer once again on SNL last night and the funny part has to be when she tries to run over the members of the press on a mobile podium of DEATH! Check out the skit from last episode!
Melissa McCarthy NAILS Sean Spicer on SNL
No, that is NOT the real Sean Spicer! It's Melissa McCarthy doing a dead-on and absolutely hilarious imitation of him at a press conference on SNL last night! She's as good at doing Spicer as Alec Baldwin is at doing Donald Trump. Can't wait to see them in a skit together...

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