Precious Blood Drive-Thru BBQ Picnic This Saturday
I'll admit, I miss BBQ church picnics. The fellowship, the atmosphere, and the FOOD. As we head into the fall season, yeah, fall will be here before we know it, check out what Precious Blood Catholic Church is doing to satisfy our BBQ cravings.
Meet Chef Kobe The Cutest One-Year-Old Cook EVER
One-Year-Old Kobe Wian is like an overnight Instagram sensation.   While home during the pandemic his mom discovered he loves to cook and ran with it.  She started his own Kobe Eats "Insta" page and it blew up!
Angel here and I first discovered his videos scrolling th…
How To Make Kool-Aid Rock Candy
With the kids being homeschooled for the time being lots of parents and caretakers are on the constant search for educational experiences.  How about making Kool-aid Rock Candy?!  The kids will love this and probably the parents too.
One of the coolest things about making rock candy is not …
Owensboro Dog Looks Like ALF From The 80's TV Show
If you were an 80's kid you remember the show ALF.  Where this "Alien Life Form" shows up at this family's house and they basically adopt him because his planet blew up.  Well, we found a pup that looks just like him.
Angel here and last week Joe and I were havin…
Tri-State Bucket List: The Dairiette in Henderson [VIDEO]
I've heard about the Dairiette my whole life. And, why not? It's a year older than me. And that means it's been on Atkinson Street in Henderson for a very long time.
To be exact, it's been 55 years since the Dairiette began offering delicious eats for the good folks of Henderson..…

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